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Thảo luận trong 'CLB Ngoại ngữ' bắt đầu bởi tiny09, 22/3/10.

  1. tiny09

    tiny09 New Member

    TEST 1
    Part 1: Phonetics:
    Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group
    1. A. sound B. about C. shout D. course
    2. A. jogged B. cooked C. gained D. smiled
    3. A. disappointed B. orator C. signature D. accept
    4. A. enclose B. pen C. center D. tent
    5. A. choose B. house C. horse D. course

    Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group
    6. A. especially B. comfortably C. carefully D. possibly
    7. A. importance B. subtraction C. algebra D. example
    8. A. aspect B. careful C. baggy D. successful
    9. A. terrific B. applicant C. banking D. ignorant
    10. A. recognize B. challenge C. symbolize D. continue

    Part 2: Vocabulary - grammar and structures
    Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D
    11. The Browns_______ here since 1990. A. live B. are living C. have lived D. had lived
    12. I wish I _______ all about this some weeks age.
     A. knew B. have known C. had known D. would know
    13. Vietnam is a country in _______ Asia
     A. Southeast B. Northeast C. Southwest D. Northwest
    14. Money can't buy true_______. A. happy B. un happy C. happiness D. happily
    15. We can buy from a needle to an elephant in this_______.
     A. park B. crossroads C. shopping centre D. crowds
    16. The synonym of MOTHER TONGUE is_______.
     A. first language B. foreign language C. second language D. A & B are right
    17. Don't disturb me. I've got _______ work to do.
     A. a lot B. a great deal C. much D. many
    18. When students finish their 12th school year, they're at their_______.
     A. school-leaving age B. status of children C. status of worker D. none are right
    19. Computers aren't_______ used in schools and universities in Vietnam
     A. widely B. wide C. widen D. width
    20. Which prefix can go with FACE? A. super B. sur C. sub D. out
    21. Language isn't the private property of a country.
     A. access B. trade C. possession D. scholarship
    22. Teenagers often have some physical changes during the _______ from childhood to adult life.
     A. transition B. way C. growth D. obstacle
    23. Is there anything important _______ first? A. does B. do C. doing D. to do
    24. We didn't have any money but Tom had_______.
     A. a little B. a few C. little D. few
    25. He said that he _______ his bicycle. A. has lost B. loses C. had lost D. lost

    Which sentence expresses the same idea as the given one?
    26. There is a tendency to minimize problems
    A. Pupils show a tend to minimize problems
    B. Pupils don't try to overcome problems
    C. Pupils don't show a tend to play problems down
    D. Pupils don't try to overcome problems much
    27. They gave a great deal of thought to their work
    A. They thought a little about their job B. They didn't think so much about their job
    C. They thought so much about their job D. They didn't think about their job
    28. They show a desire to put aside the status of the school - child
    A. They don't want to be adults B. They want to be adults a lot
    C. They want to leave school D. They desire to leave school
    29. They had little knowledge of the job of their choice
    A. They knew much of the job of their choice
    B. They almost had no knowledge of the job of their choice
    C. They knew a lot about the job of their choice
    D. They were particularly keen on the job of their choice
    30. They express a great determination to have a place at university
    A. They are greatly determined to have a place at university
    B. They want to have a good place at university.
    C. They aren't determined to have a place at university
    D. They show a little desire to have a place at university

    Choose a word or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting
    31. He didn't give (A) me (B) any ink, so I (C) couldn't write (D) no more.
    32. Either Peter (A) or Mary (B) have left (C) the door (D) unlocked.
    33. The film (A) on television (B) made us so (C) boring that we went (D) to bed early.
    34. If he (A) does a mistake, (B) will he (C) feel sorry (D) for it?
    35. John decided (A) buying a new car in the morning, (B) but in the afternoon he (C) changed (D) his mind.

    Part 3: Reading
    Read the passages below and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D.
    Most of the joggers who are overweight are reasonable for talking about, worrying about, and obsessing with their weight. Since many people start jogging to lose weight (perhaps you're one of them) it is not surprising that body size is important. More and more people are on a diet, 50% of the women and close to 25% of the men in the US are watching what they eat. Body weight is the second most talked among joggers - heart disease and high blood pressure are the first! There are many factors that affect your weight. They include: body type, diet, exercise level, sex and age. What may be an "ideal" weight for you at the age of 27 may not be ideal when you're 54. And your ideal weight will probably be different during racing season when you're in a specific training phase.
    36. What are most of joggers who are overweight worried about?
    A. their weight B. their height C. their jogging D. the distance
    37. To many people, _______
    A. body size is not a problem B. body size is very important
    C. they do not care about their body size D. jogging is a waste of time
    38. In the US, _______
    A. nobody is on a diet B. 50% women are on a diet
    C. obesity is appreciate D. 75% men are on a diet
    39. What are the most talked among joggers?
    A. body size B. lung cancer C. died D. heart disease and high blood pressure
    40. There are many factors that affect your weight. They are _______
    A. body type, diet, exercise level, sex and age B. high blood pressure, sex and age
    C. heart disease and high blood pressure D. body type and heart disease

    One evening Dr. Peterson was at a party. A woman came up to him and began to talk about her back. "Its very painful (41)_______ I've worked for a long time in my garden", the woman said. "You've hurt it by bending for too long", Dr. Peterson replied. He then showed her (42)_______ to do some exercises. However, (43)_______ the woman left he felt very angry. He went up to a friend of his who was a lawyer. He told him about (44)_______ the woman and asked him for his advice. "Do you think I (45)_______ to send her a bill?" he asked. The lawyer thought for a moment and nodded. "How much should I charge (46)_______ giving all that advice?" Dr. Peterson asked. "Change her your usual fee" they lawyer said. The next day Dr. Peterson sent the woman a bill. (47)_______ a few days later he was surprised (48)_______ letter from the lawyer. (49)_______ he opened the letter, he saw the following brief note: "Please find a bill for $50 for the advice (50)_______"

    41. A. because B. for C. by D. as soon as
    42. A. what B. why C. when D. how
    43. A. when B. because C. if D. for
    44. A. meet B. meeting C. to meet D. he met
    45. A. should B. had better C. ought D. must
    46. A. by B. because of C. owing to D. for
    47. A. However B. In addition C. There fore D. Alternatively
    48. A. by receiving B. to receive C. for receiving D. receive
    49. A. Because B. When C. Until D. For
    50. A. gave you B. What I gave you C. when I gave you D. I gave you

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