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tổng hợp những đề thi tốt nghiệp !english!

Thảo luận trong 'CLB Ngoại ngữ' bắt đầu bởi quynh_b2, 26/3/10.

  1. quynh_b2

    quynh_b2 Thành viên tích cực

    BÀI 1: Tìm một từ có phần gạch chân có cách phát âm khác với các từ còn lại:
    A. though
    B. thing
    C. thought
    D. thumb
    A. head
    B. eight
    C. said
    D. met
    A. vans
    B. bikes
    C. cars
    D. trains
    A. crazy
    B. jazz
    C. dizzy
    D. azure
    A. frustrate
    B. punctual
    C. rubbish
    D. furious
    A. convenient
    B. problem
    C. popular
    D. rod
    A. heather
    B. breather
    C. feather
    D. leather
    A. clothing
    B. this
    C. thing
    D. together
    A. basic
    B. design
    C. preserve
    D. physical
    A. rise
    B. please
    C. measure
    D. pause
    BÀI 2: Tìm từ có dấu trọng âm chính rơi vào âm tiết có vị trí khác với các từ còn lại:
    A. mugginess
    B. deliberate
    C. belabour
    D. geanticline
    A. welfare
    B. lightning
    C. remove
    D. fearsome
    A. language
    B. qualify
    C. condition
    D. applicant
    A. guidance
    B. technique
    C. treatment
    D. plastic
    A. accuracy
    B. arithmetic
    C. assassinate
    D. contributor
    A. information
    B. computation
    C. available
    D. composition
    A. weakish
    B. stylish
    C. alive
    D. pretty
    A. garage
    B. separate
    C. reason
    D. excite
    A. yesterday
    B. applicant
    C. uniform
    D. employment
    A. culture
    B. advent
    C. result
    D. vary

    BÀI 3: Chọn các phương án A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau (từ vựng):
    21. It's no_____buying those things.
    A. useless
    B. useful
    C. use
    D. used
    22. Many buildings which are currently in disuse could be_____to other purposes.
    A. put
    B. used
    C. changed
    D. employed
    23. Jogging makes the heart stronger and help people_____weight.
    A. decrease
    B. lose
    C. win
    D. increase
    24. While(militarize) _____scientists test lasers against satellites, surgeons use them as miraculously accurate scalpels.
    A. militancy
    B. military
    C. militant
    D. militarily
    25. He wrote scripts. He was a_____.
    A. script writer
    B. writing script
    C. writing scriptor
    D. scripting writing
    26. Clean air provides us ______ a healthy supply of oxygen.
    A. to
    B. for
    C. with
    D. in
    27. A person who makes things out of wood is called a ___.
    A. carpenter
    B. traitor
    C. miner
    D. candidate
    28. If you had come to the party, you_____the President of the club.
    A. would have met
    B. had met
    C. would meet
    D. met
    29. What do we call someone who prefers to stay up late at night?
    A. A night eagle
    B. A night bird
    C. A night owl
    D. A night parrot
    30. Millions of people all over the world ____English as their native language
    A. choose
    B. talk
    C. have
    D. produce
    31. It was clear that the young couple were_____of taking charge of the restaurant.
    A. capable
    B. reliable
    C. responsible
    D. able
    32. Could I have a ___ of tea?
    A. plate
    B. dish
    C. cup
    D. bottle
    33. Which word is NOT connected with a PC?
    A. keyboard
    B. screen
    C. mouse
    D. windscreen
    34. Don't complain about your boss! You should never______the hand that feeds you.
    A. offend
    B. bite
    C. kick
    D. attack
    35. Where will you ______the bus?
    A. get to
    B. get off
    C. get up
    D. get over
    36. What did you discuss _____ at the meeting?
    A. about
    B. over
    C. on
    D. -
    37. The aero plane_______down at Cairo on its way to India.
    A. touched
    B. stayed
    C. remained
    D. landed
    38. He used to drive a truck. He was a_____.
    A. drive trucker
    B. truck drive
    C. truck driver
    D. driver truck
    39. All the boys are good at cooking, but………. is as good as the girls.
    A. every
    B. neither
    C. either
    D. none
    40. It’s a……………………to show visitors around Paris.
    A. please
    B. pleasing
    C. pleasure
    D. pleasurable
    BÀI 4: Chọn các phương án A, B, C hoặc D để hoàn thành các câu sau (ngữ pháp):
    41. In factories, mobile robots are already used to carry_____a large number of the distribution and assembly tasks.
    A. on
    B. over
    C. out
    D. with
    42. It’s hard to believe that anyone would purposely harm a child, _____of all its own mother.
    A. worst
    B. first
    C. least
    D. best
    43. As soon as people…………….to make things to sell, advertising…………….to be useful
    A. began – was finding
    B. began – was found
    C. began - was being found
    D. began - found
    44. He was late. When he ______ at the airport, the plane _____.
    A. has arrived / left
    B. arrived / had already left
    C. had arrived / left
    D. had arrived / had left
    45. And above all the desire to put aside the status of school-child in favour of that of Worker-all these factors help children to get over the obstacles, uncertainties and even disappointments ________ when they start work.
    A. that they encounter
    B. encountering
    C. that encounter
    D. encounter
    46. Mrs Jones, I regret _____ you that your credit limit has been exceeded.
    A. informing
    B. inform
    C. to inform
    D. to informing
    47. Mother: "I went shopping yesterday." Mary: "My mother said (that) she had gone shopping _____ ."
    A. on Saturday
    B. yesterday
    C. the day before
    D. that day
    48. She’s really been working hard,……….. she?
    A. is
    B. hasn’t
    C. isn’t
    D. has
    49. Most beer is quite cheap, but_______is expensive
    A. others
    B. little
    C. few
    D. some
    50. He agreed_____the job as soon as possible.
    A. to start
    B. start
    C. starting
    D. starts
    51. While I was working in the garden, my son……….video games
    A. has played
    B. was playing
    C. played
    D. has been playing.
    52. Maybe in a few years, you can…….. in a marathon.
    A. running
    B. run
    C. to run
    D. to running
    53. He was unwilling to explain the reason…………….his absense
    A. why
    B. for
    C. that
    D. of
    54. Michael……………a word with Lisa this morning.
    A. has had
    B. has
    C. had
    D. had had
    55. We.…………….the game if we’d had a few more minutes.
    A. had won
    B. x
    C. will win
    D. could have won
    56. The children called him……………..
    A. was stupid
    B. be stupid
    C. is stupid
    D. stupid
    57. A man coming out of a shop or house or tavern would have his horse_____ toward the left.
    A. to be aimed
    B. aimed
    C. aiming
    D. aim
    58. It is one of the world’s oldest professions and is the companion of medical, dental, and _____sciences.
    A. public healthy
    B. health public
    C. public health
    D. health of public
    59. This is not to say that English is used by ________ than any other languages, for it is easily outnumbered in this respect by Chinese.
    A. a greater number of speakers
    B. a great number speakers
    C. a great number of speakers
    D. a greater number speakers
    60. I'm not used _____ up this early.
    A. getting
    B. get
    C. to get
    D. to getting
    (còn nữa)....
  2. quynh_b2

    quynh_b2 Thành viên tích cực

    phần 2 naz!

    BÀI 5: Xác định một lỗi sai trong 04 phương án được gạch chân sau:
    61. The guard offered to lend(A) me his(B) mobile but(C) I just thanked him about(D) that.
    A B C D
    62. Catherine is studying (A) law (B) at the university (C), and so does John (D).
    A B C D
    63. Mai told(A) her child not make(B) noise(C) when she was working(D).
    A B C D
    64. This table (A) is not study enough (B) to support a television, and (C) that one propably isn’t, (D) neither.
    A B C D
    65. The (A) deep of (B) the river (C) is ten (D) metres.
    A B C D
    66. It can keep (A) back accounts (B) up (C) down date and make out (D) electric bills.
    A B C D
    67. A chill striking(A) them as they wonder (B) whether they will be able (C) to do the work(D).
    A B C D
    68. The first (A) two parts of the (B) experiment takes (C) the most (D) time.
    A B C D
    69. I can't tell (A) you the exactly (B) number but (C) I think it's probably (D) fourteen.
    A B C D
    70. Come and sit besides (A) me because it's ages since (B) we've met (C) and had (D) a good long chat.
    A B C D
    BÀI 6: Chọn một phương án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các câu sau:
    71. Living things have_____of adapting themselves to conditions around in order to stay alive.
    A. to so many ways
    B. a wonderful way
    C. just had thought
    D. and got to think
    72. Elly: I'd like to visit The Greek Islands. Robby: ______.
    A. So do I
    B. So would I
    C. Me too
    D. So had I
    73. Carlos and Helen spent their honeymoon in Bermuda. When it was time to go home, Carlos said, "I don't want to leave. I love this island. In fact, I would like to_____.
    A. marry her."
    B. live here."
    C. travel here."
    D. leave here."
    74. We planned to have one last weekend at the beach. On Friday, the weather turned cold, so we decided to_____.
    A. stay home.
    B. go by bus.
    C. drive.
    D. go swimming.
    75. Some young people make trouble. They are_____.
    A. troubles-maker
    B. trouble-maker
    C. trouble-makers
    D. troubles-makers
    76. Calculating machines _____for a long time.
    A. were used
    B. have used
    C. have been used
    D. are used
    77. He managed to take a number of photographs. This mean he_____ them
    A. could have taken
    B. might have taken
    C. should have taken
    D. succeeded in taking
    78. You have a terrible fever! _____ call a doctor?
    A. Do I
    B. Shall I
    C. Must I
    D. Will I
    79. John went to the hospital alone. If_____, I would have gone with him.
    A. he had told me
    B. has he told me
    C. he has told me
    D. he would tell me
    80. Either teacher knows the answer. Means _____.
    A. Both teachers know the answer.
    B. No teachers know the answer.
    C. All the teachers know the answer.
    D. Any teacher can answer.

    BÀI 7: Chọn phương án đúng nhất để hoàn thành các chỗ trống trong các bài viết sau:
    The second area is the Account Department. This doesn’t (1)___ finacial accounts but with the companies that the agency produces advertisements for. Account Excutives have to make sure that the Creatives fully understand that the client requires. Account Excutives need to (2) ___ both the Creative team and the client happy. It’s job that requires a lot of diplomacy, as well as a very good memory and excellent organisational skills. The third area is the media, (3) ___ involves placing ads in magazines, on radio or TV, or in public areas. The Media Department carries out research into people’s habits, to find out, (4) ___ , which radio stations long - distance lorry drivers prefer. Then it advises clients about which medium would be most (5) ___ for its advertisements.
    A. deal with
    B. trade with
    C. settle down
    D. solve
    A. cause
    B. start
    C. force
    D. make
    A. of that
    B. that
    C. which
    D. of which
    A. for example
    B. like
    C. as
    D. such as
    A. reasonable
    B. appropriate
    C. exact
    D. fit
    BÀI 8: Đọc đoạn văn sau đó chọn phương án đúng nhất để trả lời các câu hỏi sau:
    No one knows who invented pencils or when they were invented. A Swiss described a pencil in a book in 1565. He said it was a piece of wood with lead inside it (lead is a very heavy metal). Pencils weren’t very popular, and people continued to write with pens. They used bird feathers as pens. Then in 1795 someone started making pencils from graphite and they became very popular. Graphite is a kind of coal. Today people make pencils in the same way. They grind the graphite, make it into a shape of a stick, and bake it. Then they put it inside s piece of wood. One pencil can write 50,000 English words or make a line 55 kilometers long.
    86. When did a Swiss describe a pencil in a book?
    A. 1556
    B. 1565
    C. 1656
    D. 1665
    87. When did someone start making pencils from graphite?
    A. in the eighteenth century
    B. in the nineteenth century
    C. in the sixteenth century
    D. in the seventeenth century
    88. What is graphite like?
    A. a kind of wood
    B. a kind of mental
    C. a kind of coal
    D. a kind of feather
    89. How long a line can a pencil make?
    A. 50 kilometers
    B. 550 kilometers
    C. 55 kilometers
    D. 500 kilometers

    các bạn làm đi nhá,đáp án Q sẽ post sau. okie??:17_002:

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